Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motor Vehicle Commission and Surcharge Debt - Incentive Program

The MVC (formerly DMV) has announced today the creation of an MVC Surcharge Payment Incentive Pogram.  The program will run from today, June 15, 2010, though July 30, 2010, and is designed to help MVC customers in judgment address their surcharges.

It's a vicious cycle.  If you don't pay the debt, you can't reinstate your drivers' license, but without the license, you can't legally drive to work to make the money to pay the debt.

This program is designed to wipe the slate clean or help those in judgment to arrange for more affordable payments and have their driving privileges restored.  Drivers eligible for this program include those who have been placed in judgment for failing to make surcharge payments or those in judgment who have already arranged a payment plan but are having difficulties making the payments.  Drivers with outstanding surcharges related to DUI or DWI convictions are not eligible for the incentive program.

There are approximately 273,000 drivers eligible for the incentive program.  Examples of the incentives being offered are longer payment plans and interest waivers.

Drivers who receive a personalized letter need to contact the specific collection firm noted on the letter.

For more information, drivers with surcharge debt should visit the MVC website.

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